Subsonic Apps

Check out the steadily growing list of Subsonic apps. These provide fun and alternative ways to enjoy your media collection – no matter where you are.

On your phone

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Please note that most of the apps are made by third-party developers, and are not maintained by the Subsonic project. Some apps are commercial, while some are available for free.

Also note that after a 30-day trial period you need to upgrade to Subsonic Premium to use the apps. By upgrading you also get other benefits; see info box on the right.

Interested in making your own Subsonic app? Check out the API.

Subsonic for Android

Android Stream music and video from your home computer to your phone. Never sync again! All your media - anywhere, anytime!

Songs are cached for offline playback. Supports mp3, ogg, aac, flac, wma. Most video formats supported too.

You can also use this app as a remote control for music playing on your server.

Features offline mode, adaptive bitrates, equalizer and visualizer.

Developed and maintained by Sindre Mehus, the author of Subsonic. Available free of charge on Google Play.

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DSub for Android

Google Play DSub is an Android app developed by Scott Jackson, and is available for purchase on Google Play.

  • Automatic full song caching for the best network performance with no music drop outs.
  • Full support for creating and managing on-the-go playlists.
  • Caching of all browsed directories for speedy browsing.
  • Jukebox mode to use your device as a remote control for Subsonic for listening to music around the house.
  • Gapless playback.
  • Listen to podcasts.
  • Add and playback from bookmarks.
  • Bluetooth controls.
  • Notification controls.
  • Infinite shuffle playlists based on folders, years, and genres.
  • Pause and lower playback when maps read directions.
  • Drag and Drop to rearrange the now playing list.
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XenoAmp for Android

Google Play XenoAmp is an Android app developed by ssuukk, and is available for free on Google Play.

  • Supports Subsonic, Google Music and Dirble.
  • Scrobble to and
  • Player reacts to audio jack, incoming calls, respects Android audio focus and media button interfaces.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Voice commands.
  • Player reacts to audio jack, incoming calls, respects Android audio focus and media button interfaces.
  • No standard Android widgets, handling the player is just touch or sweep. Draw a circle for volume up/down.
  • Automatic album art downloading.
  • Browse your collection faster than ever - see it on a 2D pinch-to-zoom-able matrix.
  • Different sound profiles for dock/car/headphones.
  • Replay gain support.
  • Gapless playback.
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iSub for iPhone/iPad

App Store iSub is an iPhone/iPad app developed by Ben Baron, and is available for purchase on the App Store.

  • Full support for creating and managing on-the-go playlists.
  • Automatic full song caching for the best network performance with no music drop outs.
  • Manually cache songs (Wifi sync) to listen offline, like on an airplane.
  • Caching of all browsed directories for speedy browsing.
  • Retina display support for beautiful album art while browsing and in the player.
  • Skipping within tracks, even while they are streaming.
  • Resuming music when interrupted by a call or text or when closing the app using the home button while a song is playing.
  • Each music folder is a playlist automatically so when you select a track from an album it will continue to play the rest of the tracks in that album.
  • Shuffle, Repeat 1, and Repeat All when playing an album.
  • Detailed track information by tapping the cover art.
  • Jukebox mode to use your device as a remote control for Subsonic for listening to music around the house.


Audiophone for iPhone/iPad

Listen to your music, anywhere

Browse and play your personal collection over WiFi or cellular networks. Don't be limited by free space on your mobile device, or the cable tethering you to iTunes.

Quickly access anything

No matter what you're looking for, it will be easy to find and get to within Audiophone. Whether you just want a mix based on your favorite genre, are looking to drill down your artist list to that one obscure name, or easily flick your collection aside to access what's currently playing, Audiophone makes it easy and enjoyable.

Seamless playback

You may not always have the best connection when we're on-the-go, but Audiophone has your back. By streaming just the music you need and pre-buffering songs before you want them, Audiophone utilizes your available bandwidth to its full capability. Not only that, but it offers gapless playback for a smooth experience.

AirPlay support

You spent hard earned money on that stereo system, and you made sure it was AirPlay compatible. Don't let it go to waste or burden yourself by running audio cables from your computer, use Audiophone and effortless play your music on the best speakers in the house.

Z-Subsonic for iPhone/iPad

App Store Z-Subsonic is an iPhone/iPad app developed by Olusola Abiodun, and is available for purchase on the App Store.

  • Access your entire music library from anywhere on your iPhone or iPod regardless of the size of your music collection.
  • Play song formats that the iPhone/iPod will not normally play e.g. wma, flac, ogg.
  • Caches all queued songs as quickly as possible once Wi-fi connection is detected.
  • Browse and manage cached songs by artist/album. Delete entire artist/album from cache at once.
  • Delete or change song priority on the Now Playing list while songs are playing.
  • Double buffering: upcoming song starts to download before the currently playing song finishes.
  • Seeking for fully cached songs.
  • Load playlists stored on the Subsonic server.
  • Multiple server configuration.
  • Random playlist generation using entire song collection.
  • Repeat/shuffle/skip songs.
  • SSL support with prompt to authorize self-signed certificates.
  • Full caching. Z-Subsonic can be used fully disconnected with previously streamed music.
  • Favorites.

See the video on YouTube.

Support: – Forum:

SubStream for iPhone/iPad

App Store SubStream is an iPhone/iPad app developed by Figment Inc., and is available free of charge on the App Store.

Hypersonic for iPhone/iPad

App Store Hypersonic is a media player built to stream music live from a Subsonic server. With scrobbling, high quality mode, and support to specify a local server, you can always keep your full music collection with you.

Hypersonic is developed by Josh Betz and sells for $0.99 on App Store.

CarSub for iPhone/iPad

App Store CarSub comes with an interface optimized for car use, with large buttons and a unique gesture-based playback interface. It has full Airplay and Bluetooth support, and features gapless playback, caching of upcoming audio and much more.

CarSub is developed by Richard Levy and is available from App Store.

Subsonic for Windows Phone

Windows Marketplace Subsonic Music Streamer is a Windows Phone 7 app developed by Anton Van Zuylen, and is available for purchase in the Windows Marketplace.

  • Always have access to your entire music collection without the need for any third party server or subscription.
  • Supports all popular formats (WMA, FLAC, MP3, AAC, OCG etc).
  • Keep listening when you have no cellular coverage due to full local storage including cover art, lyrics and info.
  • Manage your local stored music in a convenient way.
  • Control the quality of the music by controlling the streaming bit-rate.
  • Create playlists on the device which can contain songs from different servers simultaneously.
  • Add easily your newest music, your recently played albums, or your frequently played albums.
  • Add random albums.
  • Full search support.
  • Keep playing behind locked screen.
  • Full integration with the Music and Video hub.
  • Automatic storage management of local stored songs.
  • Allowing to lock specific local songs.

This application focuses on fast and easy handling with two main pages: "Now playing" where you see and control all what is currently playing including cover art and lyrics; and "Add to now playing" providing different methods for adding albums and songs to your playlist. Start the application and the music is playing (just one click)!


Go get it on the Windows Phone Marketplace!

SilverSonic for Windows Phone

Windows Marketplace SilverSonic is a Windows Phone 7 app developed by Gabriele Cannata.

  • Offline caching
  • Playlists
  • Keywords search
  • Pseudo playlists (newest, random, frequent...)
  • Download manager
  • Selectable bitrate
  • Run under lock screen
  • Both ID3 tags and folder-based browsing


SilverSonic is available for purchase in the Windows Marketplace.

SubHub for iPhone/iPad

App Store SubHub allows you to stream and cache music and podcasts in your favorite audio formats thanks to Subsonic's transcoding plugins. Compatible with Subsonic 4.7 and higher.

  • Streaming over WiFi and Cellular.
  • Dedicated Podcast UI.
  • An easily navigable and detailed UI.
  • Multiple server support.
  • Airplay support.
  • Search for artists, albums, genres & songs.
  • Limitable bit-rate to help save bandwidth and cache space.
  • Create personal playlists and enjoy playlists shared on the server.

SubHub is developed by Voodoo77 Studios and is available on App Store.


Adobe AIR SubAir is a rich desktop application for Subsonic implemented with Adobe© AIR. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Developed and maintained by Jim Resnowski, and provided free of charge.


BlackBerry SonicAir is a Subsonic app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Play all sorts of video and audio, even high definition 720P MKV files.

  • Listen to music and watch videos.
  • Control bitrate.
  • Cache lists for offline use.
  • Create and play playlists.
  • Use quick list feature to create on-the-go playlists.
  • Download songs for offline use later.

Developed and maintained by Mir & Windsor Design, it's sold for $2.99 on BlackBerry App World.

My Music To Me

My Music To Me (MMTM) allows Subsonic users to enjoy their entire collection by streaming over a Sonos music system.

MMTM is a translation service (or proxy) that sits between your Sonos music system and your Subsonic streaming server. It's developed by NerdyHearn.

Subsonic for Chumby

Chumby Introducing the Subsonic app for Chumby-powered devices.

  • Easy to use touchscreen tabletop experience for the Subsonic server.
  • Inviting home screen randomly cycles through your music collection.
  • Full alphabetical directory browsing and integrated soft keyboard for search.
  • Play "DJ" and add albums and songs to the internal playlist while listening.
  • Quick functions like "show 30 random albums", "play 50 random songs", etc.
  • Simple and responsive navigation system.
  • Runs on most Chumby-powered devices.
  • Long-term development road map.

Subsonic for Chumby is provided free of charge by develephant.


SubsonicTV for Roku is the perfect solution for enjoying your music & video collection on your TV. No need to go through the hassle of uploading to the cloud and syncing your files.

Developed by JNC Ventures and Musiclouds, it's available both as a free lite version and a paid premium version.

Subsonic Channel

Subsonic Channel is an open-source Roku frontend to Subsonic.

  • Browse your entire catalog.
  • Search for artists, albums, songs.
  • Full catalog shuffle playback.
  • Quick browse of Subsonic album lists (Random, Recent, Top Rated, etc.)

Subsonic Channel is developed by Michael Ihde and is donation-supported.


XO is a Subsonic app for webOS.

Stream any music directly to your TouchPad, Pre, Pixi, or Veer. Built-in HTML5 streaming media support and player, with support for file download and drag-and-drop playlists. XO makes streaming your music from home to wherever you are simple and fun!

It is also available for BlackBerry PlayBook.

XO is developed by Eric Blade.


Submariner is a Subsonic desktop application for Mac.

It provides a clean user interface to manage your remote libraries and to listen your music with simplicity. With the cache streaming and download features, you can also listen to your favorite tracks offline.



Thumper is a native Subsonic client for Mac.

  • A Native Mac Application - designed on the Mac, for the Mac.
  • Local Caching of Library Information, Audio, and Album Art - reduce bandwidth and get a more responsive experience.
  • Browse Artists, Albums, and Songs.
  • Quick Artist Filter - quickly narrow your results.
  • Playlists - play, create, and delete Subsonic playlists.
  • Search - find the song you're looking for quickly.
  • Current Playlist Persistence - pickup right where you left off, even after a reboot.
  • Mac Media Key Integration - previous, play/pause, and next key support.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - control volume, repeat, shuffle, etc. through keyboard shortcuts.
  • Integration - songs are scrobbled as they're played.
  • Playback via QuickTime - if QuickTime can play it, so can Thumper.
  • View Random, Newest, Highest Rated, Most Frequent, and Recently Played Albums.
  • Smart Playlist Creation - get random songs narrowed by genre or year.
  • Now Playing Support - See what other users are listening to.
  • Transcoding (including FLAC) support with Subsonic 4.6 or greater.
  • Video streaming (requires proper codec to be installed, see FAQ).

Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or greater.



Windows 7 SubGadget is a Windows Sidebar Gadget for Subsonic. Works with Windows 7 and Vista.

Developed and maintained by Scott Mark, and provided free of charge.

Periscope Player

Windows 7 Periscope Player is a Windows desktop application for Subsonic.

Developed and maintained by Matt Campanile. Available as Lite and Pro versions. Lite is completely free and is a fully functional player. Pro adds some advanced features and is $4.99.


SubWiji is a Windows desktop application for Subsonic.

Supports docking, auto-hiding, keyboard shortcuts, now playing popup, album grid viewer and much more.

SubWiji is made by Paul O'Dell. Free of charge, but accepts donations.


Supersonic is a Windows app for Subsonic.

Browse and play your personal collection of music directly in Windows 8!

Supersonic is made by Andre Carvalho and is free of charge.


Windows Marketplace Subsonic8 is an open-source Windows 8 app developed by Cristi Badila.

  • Plays audio and video
  • Search
  • Media playback integration with OS (hotkeys, volume, notifications)
  • Save/load playlists
  • Save/restore state

Subsonic8 can be downloaded for free from Windows Store. The source code is available on GitHub



Subclient is Java desktop client for Subsonic.

  • VLC-based audio and video playback.
  • Tray icon and media keys supported.
  • Multiple Subsonic servers can be used.
  • The playlist is saved between sessions.
  • Indexes, Podcasts and Playlists fetched from Subsonic server.
  • Cover arts stored locally to improve performance.

Subclient is made by Alejandro Celaya Alastrué and is free of charge (but accepts donations).


Perisonic is a simple Chrome app for playing random music from Subsonic.

Perisonic is developed by Robin Bakker and is available free of charge.


Jamstash is an HTML5 player for Subsonic that is available as a Chrome app and an HTML5 app.

  • HTML5 Audio with Flash fallback
  • Flexible Layout (will scale to whatever size your browser window is)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (back, forward, play/pause, skip to artist, media keys)
  • Playlist support (create new, add to existing, delete)
  • Podcast support (includes description field on hover)
  • Favorite/Starred support for albums & songs
  • Shortcuts supported
  • Easy installation (Chrome App or manual install)
  • FF/Chrome support (IE9 works but is a little rough around the edges)
  • Light/Dark theme
  • support
  • Autopilot Mode (click one button and songs continue to play)
  • AutoSave Mode (saves position and current playlist if you close or refresh your browser)

Jamstash is developed by tsquillario and is available free of charge.